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Medical Terminology Spell Checkers for Microsoft Office & Word

MedicWords is the highest quality enterprise medical spell checker. If you're looking for frequent updates and an uncompromised depth of healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical terminology then MedicWords should be your first choice.

Medical Speller is a more affordable medical spell checker. It is more than adequate for undergraduate medical students. In fact, if you buy Medical Speller as an undergraduate student and aren't satisfied, we'll upgrade you to MedicWords for free.

Legal Terminology Spell Checker for Microsoft Office & Word

LawWords is a comprehensive legal terminology spell checker. For a limited time the current version is 100% FREE! If you purchase MedicWords or the Medical Speller, you'll be happy to know that the legal terminology provided by LawWords is already included.

Web-Based Medical Spell Checker

At Medical-Spell-Checker.com we provide a free online medical terminology spell checker.

Free Medical Spell Checker App

The Free Medical Spell Checker App is a very simple tool to quickly verify the spelling of any single medical term. Currently made for Windows, mobile versions are coming soon to iOS and Android as well as an OSX Apple version.